Javon Bea on Senior Leadership at Mercy

Javon Bea – Next, once our senior leadership team was in place, we developed and introduced three key organizational strategies designed to support rapid growth and promote ongoing stability. Mercy Health System’s transformation is founded on these three principal factors for success: Culture of Excellence, Integration and Accountability. 

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JavonRBea.com 08/31/12

Knowing that we were making a long-term and significant difference in our overall system—something tangible and sustainable—was extremely attractive. Throughout this book, I’ll refer to Baldrige and offer you insider tips on making the process work for your organization. J. Bea

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Javon Bea President CEO of Mercy Health System

In addition to his consulting practice, Bea is the President/CEO of Mercy Health System in Janesville, Wisconsin. In less than 20 years, Bea transformed Mercy from a tiny, struggling local hospital into a vibrant 64-location health system that provides care in four complementary core service areas, serving its patients from birth through end-of-life.

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